Please Read The Following Terms And Conditions Carefully As It Sets Out The Terms Of A Legally Binding Agreement Between You (The Participant / Learner) And Kshemkari Export Import Academy.



We welcome to new entrepreneurs or those who want to become exporter and importer with the training, guidance & support by Kshemkari Export Import Academy. We have created the terms and conditions of Kshemkari Academy so that you and we together can achieve success by starting a smooth export import business. If you really want to become an exporter, then read all the terms and conditions carefully before joining with Kshemkari Academy and then start the further process.


Registration Process

While registering on Kshemkari Export Import Academy, keep in mind that provide correct name, email id, mobile number & Aadhar Card Copy by email & WhatsApp. You can pay for registration fee in any mode like Phone Pe, Paytm, Google Pay or Payment Gateway, After complete the registration process and fee paid, than share payment receipt by WhatsApp or email to us. You will got an email from our confirmation department within 24 hours.


App Access and Use

On the Kshemkari Export Import Academy App, your account becomes active within 24 hours after completion of Part 3. This application is Android & IOS based, which you will be able to access on Android / IOS phones, which should be from Android 4.0 to Android 10 and higher, otherwise you will not be able to access this app. You can use this App anytime, anywhere 24 x 7. Validity of your registration and access will be up to 12 months from the date of registration, after that if you want to continue, you can get your account renewed. Use of our courses, website, application and services is solely for your personal and non-commercial use.


App Access Duration

You get access to Kshemkari Export Import Academy app for 12 months from the registration date. If you complete a single shipment in 3 months with the support of Kshemkari Export Import Academy Experts, your account will be auto renewed for the next 12 months, which you will not have to pay. Access of training videos will be for 12 month from the date of activation only through Store purchase.


App Access Termination / Cancellation

After registering on Kshemkari Export Import Academy app, when your account will be fully activated, then if you somehow try to copy the data by doing screen shot or screen recording software, your account will be terminated permanently. After which you will have to register again and you will be responsible for all this. Because we have disabled screen recording and right click for security purpose.


We Don’t

In the legal documents set up to register an export import business in India, the Kshemkari Export Import Academy Legal Team only produces documents and does not help any students to how to make legal documents. If a participant does not know about website designing, domain and hosting and coding and wants to create an export import business website on his own with the help of internet, then the web team of Kshemkari Export Import Academy does not support all of them. Web developers design a fully loaded and attractive website of export import business just for you, not support in how to building a website.


Domain & Website

The domain registered by Kshemkari Export Import Academy for export business will be registered by your name. When you pay the complete charge of website designing and development, within 10-15 days, you will get the export based website ready. If you do not provide content, images and even informative details on time to the web team, then it may take more time, which you will be responsible for yourself.


15 Steps

The 15 powerful steps given in training program, which you have to complete one by one, if you do not complete the 15 steps, you will not be able to reach your 1st export shipment, whose total responsibility will be your own. In 15 steps it is necessary to get company / firm registration and website, Buyers data etc. done by Kshemkari Export Import Academy. All training & service fee will be non-refundable if shipment not done in 3 months as per the commitment of guaranteed shipment made by the Kshemkari Export Import Academy.


Live Export Shipment

After taking online practical training from Kshemkari Export Import Academy, if you want to join our live export shipment program, then you have to come to our location from where export shipment will take place. In this live export shipment program, you will be shown everything live, in which the original documents will also be told, the details of the business will be hide like seller details, Buyer details, Bank details, iec code etc. Only those who have taken online or offline training from Kshemkari Export Import Academy can join the live shipment program.


Direct Deal with Foreign Buyers

If you have taken online training from Kshemkari Export Import Academy and without any support from Kshemkari Export Import Academy Experts, you have made a deal with any of your foreign buyers, due to which your money is lost, then you will be fully responsible for such loss. And in order to get out of this type of fraud, the Kshemkari Export Import Academy team will not be able to help you in any way.


Support System

Kshemkari Export Import Academy expert team will support you every Monday to Friday, whose time will be from 11am to 12:30pm. For email support, you can do 24 x 7. You will call any team member according to the working time and days. Our email response will take times around 24 to 48 hrs.


Changes in T & C

Kshemkari Export Import Academy looking at Market, Government Policies and Business Training Problems to can change the terms and conditions at any time without any prior notification.


Financial Support / Services

Kshemkari Export Import Academy provides financial support in export business. If you want to know about export finance, then you can join online training in which you will get export finance, which is given in full details.


Our Services

Kshemkari Export Import Academy is one-stop solution (7 supporting department) where we provide all types of Exim services along with practical online training in which company or firm can apply for all the documents of registration. You can also get domain purchase and website designing and development work for export business. If you want the data of Foreign Buyers of your product, then you can get it easily. After online training, if you want to take any services from Kshemkari Export Import Academy, then you have to pay the charges separately for Legal Licenses, Website Designing, Buyers Data and Other etc. It will take up to 15 working days to make all the documents of the company registration and if there is any delay in providing the documents to legal team by participants, then its responsibility will be of the participant.


Study Material

When you apply for online training, you will be sent a full kit of study material on your email id. If there is any modification in the export business rules, then for that you will have to read the study material given on the Kshemkari Export Import Academy app which will be updated according to the new rules and policies. We do not courier hard copy of study material.

If you have any questions about the terms & conditions, please contact Kshemkari Academy team in writing addressed to our legal team on