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Are You Facing Any of the Below Problems before Starts Export :

1. How to Start Export Import Business in India ?
2. How to Select Profitable Products?
3. How to Find Right Foreign Markets for Your Products?
4. How to Find Genuine/Verified Foreign Buyers in Targeted Countries ?
5. How to Manage Goods & Payment Risk in Export Business?
6. What are the Role of GST Taxes & Export Duties?
7. How to Calculate Export Pricing & Costing?
8. What are the System Support of Govt. of India?
In this practical training program we provide 100% solutions to complete your 1st export order within 100 Days
Topic Covered

Module -1 Welcome & Business Introduction

Welcome Introduction

What is Goods & Services ?

What is Export & Import Business ?

Who is Exporter & Importer ?

Types of Exporters ?

Why Export from India ?

Comparison Between India & China

Freely Convertible Currency in India


Module -2 Export Business Establishment/Setup

Company/Firm Name Selection as per International Standard

How to Find and Book Your Company Domain

Company Formation/Registration

(Documents Preparation & How to Get All Registrations Certificates in Single Window)

How to Choose Best Bank for Received Foreign Currency in India ? (for Current A/c)

How to Create Export Website (Fully Loaded with Attractive Design & Development)

How to Create Social Media Accounts for Your Company ?

What’s Stationery & Printing Required ? (Logo, Brochure, Visiting Card, Letter Head & Stamp Seal)

How to Make Company Policy ?

Important Meetings & Contacts (Govt. & Private Organisations)

Now Your Export Business Platform Completed


Module -3 Basic Knowledge of Export

CHA – Custom House Agent (Role & Responsibilities)

Freight Forwarder’s (Role & Responsibilities)

Types of Carriers (Shipping Lines, NVOCC, MTO, FF)

Port, CFS & ICD

Indenting Agents

What is Concor ?

Warehouse / Custom Bonded Warehouse

Types of Containers & Their Specifications, Damages and Claims


Module -4 Foreign Trade Policy (2020-25)

What is Foreign Trade Policy (2020-25)

Importance of FTP (2020-25)

Handbook of Procedure (2020-25)

Export Business Rules in India

Free Trade Agreement

Module -5 International Bodies

International Chamber of Commerce

What is the role of ICC ?

IncoTerms Rules 2020 (Delivery/Shipping Terms)

Letter of Credit Rules (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, UCP 600, (ICC Publication No. 600)

Dispute Resolution Service

World Trade Organization

Anti Dumping Duty Permitted by WTO

Makes Rules & Regulation for World Trade

End Poverty in Poor country by Export

End War or Civil War (Between 2 Countries)

Arrange Meetings, Seminars and Trade Fairs


World Custom Organization

What is the role of WCO in International Business ?

What is HS Code ?

What are the use of HS Code in Export-Import Business ?

Module -6 National Bodies of Export

Ministry of Commerce

What is Ministry of Commerce ?

DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade)

Development Authorities / Commodity Boards / Export Promotion Councils

Export Inspection Council of India

ECGC (Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India)

FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organisations)

Ministry of Finance

What is CBIC ?

Goods & Service Tax (GST)

Procedure Claim of GST Refund

Custom Department

ICE::GATE (E-Commerce Portal of CBIC)

Reserve Bank of India

The Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999

International Transaction Rules & Regulation of Export of Goods & Services

What is AD Code ?


Module -7 Profitable Product & Right Market Selection

How to Select Profitable Product for Export

Know Important Factors at the time of Product Selection

How to Get Product Knowledge & Specification of Selected Product

Market Research & Selection of Selected Product

How to Get Top 25 Export Market of Selected Product


Module - 8 Payment Terms in Export

What is Payment Terms ?

Types of Payment Terms – 100% Advance by Telegraphic Transfer, D/P Documents Against Payment, D/A Documents Against Acceptance,

Letter of Credit (UCP 600) Introduction

Letter of Credit (Cycle/FlowChart for Receive L/c)

Which payment terms is safe/secure for export business


Module -9 International Banking & Letter of Credit (UCP)

Role of Bank in Export Business

Choose Best Bank for Fast Banking Services

What is Inward or Outward Remittance ?

What is AD Code & How to Issued from Bank ?

What is EEFC A/c and It’s Benefits ?

How to receive payments in foreign currency ?

What is Swift Code & It’s use ?

How to receive letter of credit from overseas buyer ?

Types of Letter of Credit ?

Letter of Credit Format & Practice

Currency Hedging/Forwarding Contract

Currency Parking in EEFC (Process, Rules & Use)

What is E-BRC and It’s use ?


Module -10 Export Finance (Pre & Post Shipment)

Pre-Shipment Finance

Post-Shipment Finance


Module -11 Shipping & Logistics in Export

Types of Vessels / Ships

Mode of Transportation / Logistics

How to Calculate Freight Charges, FCL & LCL ?

E-Way Bill Registration & Generate (in case of Export of Goods)

Cargo Insurance while shipping

What is Bill of Lading & their types ?

What is Airway Bill ?


Module -12 Export Costing & Quotation

How to calculate Export Costing ?

Export Costing Calculator

How to Get Quotation from Custom House Agent & Forwarder

Method of Quotation Sending to Overseas Buyer

Negotiation, Revise Quotation

How to Get Sample & Courier Charges from Buyer ?

Sample Sending Process Worldwide


Module -13 Insurance & Risk Management in Export

Risks involve in Export Business

Goods Risk Insurance

How to Manage Goods Risk ?

What is Marine Insurance ?

Types of Marine Insurance Policies ?

Payment Risk Insurance

ECGC Importance in Export Credit Insurance

Risk Covered or Risk Not Covered By ECGC

Types of ECGC Policies, Validity

Buyer Verification Process & Duration

Does & Don’ts in ECGC

Debts Collection/Recovery Agencies

How to Manage Currency Fluctuation Risk ?

FEMA, 1999 Rules in Payment Risk


Module -14 Export Standard Packaging Process

Types of Packaging as per products

How to Labeling & Marking

Solid Wood Packaging & Other Packing Materials

Cargo Handling Marks & Symbols

Shipping Marks & Number

How/Where/When goods will be packed for export ?


Module -15 Export Documentation

Principal Documents

Commercial Invoice

Packing List

Bill of Lading/Airway Bill

Certificate of Inspection

Certificate of Origin

Bill of Exchange

Shipment Advise

Insurance Certificate

Auxiliary Documents

Proforma Invoice

Intimation for Inspection

Shipping Instructions

Insurance Declaration

Application for Certificate of Origin

Mate’s Receipt

Letter to bank for collection/Negotiation of documents


Other Export Documents

Fumigation Certificate

Phytosanitary Certificate

Health Certificate



Halal Certificate

FDA Certificate


3 Steps of Export Documentation

Contract with Foreign Buyers




ECGC Formalities

Purchase Order from Buyer

Proforma Invoice

Letter of Credit or Advance Receive

Pre-Shipment Documents (For Custom Clearance in India)

Post-Shipment Documents (For Custom Clearance in Buyer’s Country)


Module -16 Custom Clearance Process in Export

Custom Clearance Charges

Freight Booking Charges

Shipping Instructions to CHA

Registration Process at EDI Port

Procedure of Shipping Bill Filing

Cargo Carting, Registration & Examination

LEO – Let Export Order

Shipping Bill Printing & Their Copies

Dock Stuffing Container

Container Bottle Seal & other Seals (By Custom/Shipping Line)

Bill of Lading Process

How to load container on vessel ?

What is Mate’s Receipt & Submission ?

EGM - Export General Manifest

Govt. Scheme Claim Copy

Export Cargo Tracking


Module -17 Government Incentives & Schemes in Export

Merchandise Export from India Scheme (MEIS)

Service Export from India Scheme (SEIS)

Advance License Scheme

Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme

Duty Drawback Scheme


Module -18 How to find Foreign Buyers for Export

Indian Embassy (Role, How it helps Exporter)

15-20 Ways of Finding Foreign Buyers

Buyers Finding Ways (Free/Less Pay/High Pay)

Ways to Buyers will search for Exporter (Import from India)

Ways to Exporter will search for Buyers (Export from India)


Module -19 International Marketing for Export

Foreign Contacts (Friends & Family)

Domestic & International Trade Fair (Meetings Between Exhibitor, Buyers & Visitors)  

Development Authorities, Commodity Boards & EPC - Export Promotion Councils

Trade Associations

Business Directory

Foreign Importer Directories  & Yellow Pages

Trade Map

Multi Media Video Presentation

Email Marketing & Tools - (i) Buyer’s Data, (ii) Email Companies (iii) Fraud Email

How to Get Authentic Shipment Data ?

Slide Share Promotion

Foreign Chamber of Commerce

Trade Fair Organizer

Amazon Global Seller

How to protect your company from competitor ?


Module -20 Digital Marketing for Export

What is Digital Marketing ?

B2B Sites Registration and Free Listing

SMO (Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google Translator (Get Buyer Searching Easy)

Google Search in Proper Way

Google Adword (Only pay for results)

YouTube Promotion

Blog Posts


Module -21 How to find Foreign Buyers Instantly

Preparation of Product & Company Policy

A Powerful Way to Get Instant Buyer


Module -22 International Communication Skill

Communication with or without English

How to Solve Language Problem ?

Ways of Communication

How to send 1st Email to Buyer (Intro in Professional Way)

How to Present your company & product in front of buyer


Module -23 Export Branding of your Company

Brand Name Selection

How to Create a slogan

Brand Registration (Logo, Name, Slogan Etc…)

Brand Promotion

Where to use brand name for branding ?


Module -24 Government & Other  Portals

Ministry of Commerce




Indian Trade Portal

Trade Map

Export Promotion Councils




Module -25 How to Import from Foreign Countries

What is Bill of Entry & Their Types

Preparation of Bill of Entry

Custom Bonded Warehouse

Bond & Ex-Bond Bill of Entry

Import Duty Calculator on CBIC Portal

Container Detention Charges

Import Cargo Tracking

Arrangement of Import Delivery Order

Cargo Examination & Delivery

Factory & Dock De-Stuffing by Excise/Custom Officer Present

Execution & Cancellation of Container Removal Bonds

Billing for Import Consignments

Import on Re-Export Basis

High Sea Sale

Anti Dumping Duty

IGM - Import General Manifest


Module -26 How to Find Verified Suppliers/Exporters for Import

Indian & Foreign Embassy

Third Party Inspection Company

Sourcing Agent

Personal Visit


Module -27 Import Documentation

Commercial Invoice

Packing List

Bill of Entry

Bill of Lading / Airway bill

Certificate of Origin

Importer/CHA Declaration

Import License/IEC

Insurance certificate

GATT/DGFT declaration

Purchase order/Letter of Credit.

Test Report in case of Chemical

Any other documents required by Indian Customs

Module -28 Custom Clearance Process in Import

  • Arrival of Goods Instruction
  • IGM – Import General Manifest
  • Preparing Bill of Entry
  • Services of CHA & Appoint for Clearance
  • Presentation of Bill of Entry for Appraisal
  • Payment of Import / Custom Duty
  • Physical Examination by Custom Officer
  • Release Order
  • EDI System of Import Clearance
  • Goods Released from Custom Area


Module -29 How to Sell Imported Goods in Domestic Or Re-Export

  • How to Get Order from Indian Market for Imported Goods
  • Offline or Online Marketing for Domestic Selling
  • Discount or Sale of Imported Goods
  • Sale by E-Commerce (Own or Other Portals)
  • Import on Re-Export Basis


Module -30 Live Shipment & Get Export Order Guaranteed

(Live Shipment with TradeSkill)

One Export Shipment for Real Experience with TradeSkill

  • Enquiry from Overseas Buyer
  • First Email to Buyer & Further Communication
  • How to deal with local manufacturer/supplier as per buyers requirement
  • Get Live Quotation from CHA/Freight Forwarder
  • Live Quotation Preparing and Sending to Buyer
  • Negotiation & Sampling with Buyer
  • Live Sample sending to buyer (if buyer required)
  • ECGC Verification Process
  • Get Purchase Order from Foreign Buyer
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