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With MISSION & VISION STATEMENT Being, “Imparting The Knowledge Of Import & Export Business To A Majority Of Indian Students, Traders, And Manufacturers And Turning Them Into Successful Exporters”.

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If communication has bridged the gap between various countries of the world, then trading by Import & Export has been cementing the relations among countries since long. India’s economy is on a boost and all thanks to globalization for making the business flow smooth with other nations of the world. The Import and Export has led to the introduction of foreign capital to the nation, generation of employment, a thrust to the country’s infrastructure, etc.

Kshemkari Export Import Academy, an online institute, fathoms well the significance of Import & Export in the development of the nation and therefore, has to offer expert consultancy services to Indian importers as well as exporters.

Established in the year 2006 at Pune(Maharashtra), an Indian State, Kshemkari Export Import Academy not only offers premium quality consultancy but also conducts training classes (at its registered office situated at Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Delhi). In these classes, Smart learning is imparted to the enrolled students through a live projector. Also, practical training is offered in order to hone the export import business learning. The methodology is simple yet effective.

The 500 plus students, who enroll themselves under the learning programme of Kshemkari Export Import Academy come from various states of India such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and the capital of the nation, Delhi, etc.

We not only teach and support the students while they are in the learning stage but also support them at every stage once they complete their course. Any query by the students even after the course completion is addressed within merely 48 hours via E-Mail. Students are also bestowed with lifetime free consultancy. Therefore, with our continuous aid, more than 100 students start their own export import business successfully.

The two courses offered by the academy, Export-Import Management Course and Export Marketing (For Business Promotion), provide a boost of Import and Export knowledge and thus, help traders and manufacturers to grow their business on an international scale.

Kshemkari Export Import Academy offers Demo Classes on Sundays and learnings are imparted in the same fashion. On the enrollment of a student, study material is provided, which includes Lecture Scheduled Sheet, Website Login Area Credentials, Presentations, World Map and other useful materials. On successful completion of the course and examination, every student is awarded “Certification in Export & Import Management”.

With MISSION STATEMENT being, “Imparting the knowledge of Import & Export business to a majority of Indian Students, Traders, and Manufacturers and turning them into successful Exporters”, Kshemkari Export Import Academy is India’s first Import & Export business learning center.

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